PV Schools

Family Vacations

When a family chooses to take their vacation during an interscholastic season, it must be understood that the time missed by the student will affect team chemistry and personal conditioning.  The coach can prepare a conditioning schedule for the athlete to follow while being away.  Once the team member returns, the coach must make a judgment as to any physical conditioning and skill development the student has retained prior to a contest or scrimmage.   The maximum review time should be 1/2 of the maximum New York State Public High School Athletic Association required practices.  A game or contest does not count as a practice.

Student Planned Vacations/Trips

Parents and students should contact the coach as soon as possible to find out what is expected for the coming season.  Schedules will be made available as soon as possible.

The Athletic Department does not recognize the use of vacation time for personal or group trips. A student who uses this time for his/her own pleasure when practices and contests are being conducted will have to repeat 1/2 of the maximum NYSPHAA required practices before entering into a contest or scrimmage. Because these unsupervised vacations do not produce productive skill and conditioning results, the coach must make a judgment as to the athlete’s condition. This cautious procedure is to help reduce the possibility of injuries. A student who passes over practices or competition(s) for any unexcused reason may have his or her position or playing time altered.

Guidelines for Conflicting Athletic and Academic Vacation/Trips

Unfortunately, students who are tied to both programs cannot do both.  There is no policy, but these are the cooperative guidelines are listed below;

  1. If the academic program trip is for school credit, the academic program takes preference.
  2. Students should be free and without any pressure or fear of repercussions to make a choice if an optional academic and/or optional athletic trip are offered at the same time.
  3. If a student chooses an academic sponsored trip, the coach should give the student a maintenance program which includes skill work, if possible to perform, and especially conditioning.

Students returning to practice after the trip will need to have their skills and conditioning reviewed.  It also must be understood that the time missed by the student can affect the team chemistry and personal conditioning.