PV Schools

Outside Teams

Many opportunities exist for Putnam Valley High School and Middle School students to participate on non-school sponsored sport teams during their participation on interscholastic athletic teams. Membership on these teams requires a significant time/practice commitment and increases the probability of an overuse injury. This type of injury may have a longer recovery period than anticipated. Thus, participation on outside teams during an interscholastic athletic season is not recommended and should be discouraged. The student’s personal physician must evaluate the injury sustained in an outside competition or the practice.

When competing in non-NYSPHSAA sponsored events, an athlete forfeits amateur status by;

  1. Competing for money or other compensation (travel, meal money, lodging are acceptable)
  2. Receiving an award or prize money that has not been approved by NYSPHAA
  3. Capitalizing on athletic fame by receiving money or gifts
  4. Signing a professional playing contract

Instructing, supervising, or officiating in any organized youth sports program, recreation, playground, or camp activities will not jeopardize amateur standing.