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Academic Eligibility: Statement of Policy – Middle School

The Middle School recognizes the importance of athletics and extracurricular programs.  Students interested in such activities must understand the significance of academics first, as in the term, “Student/Athlete.” Keeping this in mind, Putnam Valley Middle School has various academic support systems for its student body. The student’s grades are reviewed by the administration, athletic department and from teacher notification prior to each season and monitored during the season. If a student is in need of academic intervention, there are different options available through out the year. These options may include, but are not limited to;

  1. Extra individual help with the teacher – before, during, after school
  2. Homework club
  3. High school students tutoring
  4. Parent conferences
  5. Academic team meeting
  6. Instructional support meetings
  7. Web communication

Our intention is “prevention” by recognizing academic difficulty as early as possible. It may be necessary for a student to learn how to balance the time requirement of academics and practice, or a stronger boost of one-on-one help. If extra help is needed, the student will be allowed to attend practice after the academic session is completed.  This is without penalty as long as the student has communicated the need for extra help to the coach. If a parent recognizes academic difficulty at home, please contact the school administration immediately.