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Athletic Equipment – Personal and School Issued

Personal Athletic Clothing and Safety Equipment

Male athletes who participate in contact and collision sports must wear a protective cup inserted into a jock.  Female athletes should always wear a sports bra.  Other personal items such as spandex pants, shorts, t-shirts and sweats need to be cleaned on a regular basis, especially in sports where protective padding is worn over the clothing.

Equipment Issued by the School

It is the school’s responsibility to supply all of the safety equipment that is outlined by the rules of each sport.

  1. Mouth guards are required in the following sports: Football, Girls’ Field Hockey and Girls’ and Boys’ Lacrosse. They are elective in all others. If an athlete desires to wear a mouth guard, even though it is not required for his/her sport, it will be provided by the Athletic Department. Your dentist should review mouth guards that cover braces.
  2. Football equipment supplied by the school – helmet, shoulder pads, rib pads, hip pads, thigh and knee pads – and other safety equipment specified by the Athletic Trainer.
  3. Field Hockey – required goalie equipment
  4. Volleyball – knee pads (personal item)
  5. Boys’ & Girls’ Soccer – goalie gloves and goalie jersey
  6. Wrestling – head gear
  7. Baseball & Softball – all required catcher’s equipment and button helmets
  8. Boys’ Lacrosse – helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads (gloves are usually a personal item) and goalie equipment
  9. Girls’ Lacrosse – Protective goggles and required goalie equipment

All of the required safety equipment is sent to a reconditioning company after each season to be inspected for safety and repaired. Students who choose to purchase their own personal safety equipment must have prior approval from the Athletic Director. Examples of this type of equipment are as follows: football helmets, lacrosse helmets, batting helmets, catcher equipment and other non-personal protective items.


The Athletic Department provides uniforms for all teams. These uniforms are to be returned at the end of the season in a clean, sanitary condition unless instructed otherwise by the coach.  Follow the washing instructions that are often included with the article of clothing. Usually this involves washing in lukewarm water and drying in the permanent press cycle.

Teams may choose to purchase personal athletic equipment such as game jerseys, shorts and warm up clothing. These items are the personal property of the individual and the Athletic Department is not responsible for care, repair or replacement. Items that are to be worn during a game or contest must conform to the current team uniform or be approved by the Athletic Director.

The school district is not permitted by state regulation to sell or give away uniforms or equipment purchased or donated to the school district. The equipment and uniforms supplied are the responsibility of the athlete. If lost, stolen, or not returned at the end of the season, these items are the financial responsibility of the athlete and athlete’s parent or guardian.