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A Message From the
Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services

Under the direction of the Superintendent, the Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services is responsible for the administration and coordination of the Special Education Program and Pupil Personnel Services in the Putnam Valley Central School District.  The Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services supports and implements policies and administrative regulations of the Board of Trustees/Superintendent as they relate to the implementation of the Special Education Program and Pupil Personnel Services.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Provide leadership in the design and implementation of district special education initiatives, goals, and programs including establishing and maintaining high standards for staff performance.

2. Direct, plan, organize and control pupil personnel services, counseling and guidance, school nursing services, student advocacy, expulsions and suspensions.

3. Develop and prepare annual budget; analyze and review budget data, control and authorize expenditures in accordance with established limitations working together with the District Superintendent and the District Treasurer.

4. Maintain knowledge of federal and state mandates regarding special education students rights and responsibilities and interpret these and other legal issues as appropriate to district staff, parents, and community agencies; investigate and respond to alleged complaints and violations related to special education program and pupil personnel services issues.

5. Establish policies and procedures for administering services for assessment, identification, certification, and placement of students in special education programs.

6. Consult with administrators, teachers, other appropriate staff and parents concerning the needs and programs for students with disabilities.

7. Assure maintenance of confidential, accurate, and current records related to program requirements including student assessment, special education placement, suspensions, expulsions, Section 504, contracts, and billing in order to meet state and federal mandates and audits.  Supervise the operation and management of the district’s management information system for special education including preparation and submission of required reports to New York State.

8. Represent the superintendent and district in work with the juvenile court system, district attorney offices and sheriff’s office.

9. Provide leadership and direction for training administrators, teachers, instructional assistants in legal requirements for special education programs and pupil personnel services.

10. Serve as district representative in Individualized Education Program (IEP) and Section 504 meetings, as appropriate.

11. Maintain liaison with community agencies such as, PARC, Putnam Family, Child Protective Services, Department of Social Services.

12. Provide district coordination and oversight of school-based community agency services.

13. Develop and present reports to the Board of Education and other groups as requested by the Superintendent.

14. Select, assign, train and evaluate the performance of assigned certificated and classified staff.

15. Other appropriate services/duties as assigned.

Natalie Doherty
Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services

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3/18/15 Westchester and Putnam Independent Living Centers and Westchester Institute for Human Development’s Hudson Valley Special Education Parent Center are pleased to present: Understanding Your Child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)
Putnam Valley Central School District Special Education and Student Services
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