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Two Putnam Valley Teams Advance To Destination Imagination State Finals - Two Others Take Home Medals - March 17, 2011
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(Left to right) Cameron Carroll, Karina Davis, Keith Weed, Dominick Eannacony, TJ McKeown, Natalea Kennedy, Sam Kahn. Members of The Squirmy Wormies.
(Left to right) Barbara Parmly, Edward Sanchez-Barrera, Conor VanRiper, Erika Seidman, David Kahn, Owen Gifford-Smith, Jasper Katzban, Cheryl Kahn, AJ Egel (front center).
Putnam Valley Destination Imagination Team members and team managers at Regional Competition.
(Left to right) Rebeka Kashkin, Jake Kahn, Kaitlin Millicker, Maggie Boltin, Kyle Carroll, Ben Donnelly (standing), Ryan Usai. Members of Wasn't There a Tower There a Second Ago?
Kayleigh Harnett, Holly Jones, Shannon Rogers, Alexei Smith, and Robyn Torregrosa

Two Putnam Valley teams will advance to the Destination Imagination state finals in Endicott, New York in April after finishing in the top tier of the regional competition held Saturday, March 12 at Somers High School. One Putnam Valley Elementary School team and one Putnam Valley Middle School team both finished first in their categories, earning them a spot in the finals. Two other teams – one at the Middle School level and one at the High School level - brought home third place medals from the competition in Somers.

Destination Imagination is an international, creative problem-solving competition in which students at the elementary, middle and high school levels choose a challenge and then work as a team to solve and then present at the Regional Tournament.

Both teams that are advancing chose the challenge of “Unidentified Moving Objects” which focused on Design and Construction, Innovation, the Design Process, Mathematics, Modularization, Optimized Design, Experimentation, Theater Arts and Teamwork.

"We are so proud of all our Putnam Valley students who work so hard throughout the year on their Destination Imagination challenges and are very excited that two of our teams will now go on to represent our town in the state finals," said Putnam Valley Interim Superintendent of Schools Dr. Barbara Fuchs. "These students are charged with solving problems as teams, using their creativity -- as well as a healthy dose of math, engineering and design. All one has to do is look around at the incredible challenges facing people around the globe to know that the lessons our students are learning now will serve them – and the rest of us – well throughout their lives."

The two Putnam Valley teams which placed first in their categories, and will advance to the State finals in Endicott, NY are:

  • The Squirmy Wormies  from Putnam Valley Elementary School, which consists of Cameron Carroll, Dominick Eannacony, Karina Davis, Sam Kahn, Natalea Kennedy, TJ McKeown and Keith Weed.
  • A Putnam Valley Middle School team, which goes by the symbol for an upside-down question mark, which consists of Kayleigh Harnett, Holly Jones, Shannon Rogers, Alexei Smith and Robyn Torregrosa.

They both competed in “Unidentified Moving Objects.” For this challenge, students had to design and build equipment to move a variety of objects: thin, thick, heavy and light, from the top of a six foot tower to a pool

and from the pool to the top of the tower.  They needed to write and present a story of an infrastructure problem that their equipment would solve and include a sales promotion to sell their equipment. 

Two other teams, one each from the Middle School and one from the High School, took home third place medals. They include:

  • Wasn’t There A Tower There A Second Ago? Took third place in the “Unidentified Moving Objects” category. The team is comprised of Maggie Bolton, Kyle Carroll, Ben Donnelly, Jake Kahn, Kaitlin Millicker and Ryan Usai, all from Putnam Valley Middle School.
  • The Hemidemisemiquavers also took third place, competing in the High School division’s “Spinning a Tale” challenge.   In this challenge, team members include: Madi Albu, McKenna Feeney, Madison Hamilton, Sarah Sperling, Katie VandeVelde and Emily Weise.

“Destination Imagination is all about creative problem –solving, and working as a team. Every student who participates learns invaluable lessons, “said Barbara Parmly, the District Coordinator for Destination Imagination. “In all, our town had 43 students on seven teams in this year’s competition – a terrific showing!”

Other Putnam Valley teams that competed included:

  • Putnam Valley Elementary School:

    Rising Stars: Beatles and Butterflies: Evelyn Eannacony, Remy Eppner, Albert McDonald, Kiera McDonald, Arthur Ryan Holtzman, Michael McKeown and Victoria Spitzer.

  • Putnam Valley Middle School:

    Fifth graders: AJ Egel, Owen Gifford-Smith, Jasper Katzban, David Kahn, Edward Sanchez-Barrera, Erika Seidman, and Conor VanRiper

    Fifth and Sixth Graders: Austin Gona, David Holowiak, Daniel Martinez, Jenny Hurtz, and Daniel Martinez. 

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