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A Message From The Principal

August 3, 2018

Dear PVMS Families,

August is upon us and we have been busy at PVMS preparing for the upcoming year.  Our custodial staff has been working diligently in preparation for our students and staff to return in September.  Thank you!  Teachers have been in the building meeting for professional development and curriculum while also preparing their classrooms.  Finally, administration and our clerical team have been working on scheduling and materials for the upcoming school year.

Some key changes will be in place for the upcoming year and will help to strengthen our "Middle School Model" by keeping the whole child in mind.  We will focus on strengthening our academics while meeting the social and emotional needs of ever changing students through their middle years. 

1.  An "Advisory Period" has been built into our schedule where every student will meet with an advisor and start their day from 7:50 – 8:13 with a group of 10 -12 students from their grade level.  The focus of this time will be to read our one book, one school book; Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper.  Students will also be reflecting in journals, working on team building activities, and building relationships while fostering student voice and advocacy.

2.  We have a new "Block Schedule" that will allow for longer seat time of 80 minute blocks in certain content area classes as opposed to the "factory model" of 40 minute periods.  Each grade level will look different and you can learn more about this schedule by watching a Board of Education presentation that was given on June 7th.  You may watch the video of the evening in its' entirety or fast-forward to the 51:30 mark where an overview of this schedule is introduced.

3.  Our 6th grade will be moving to pods with partner teams.  With our focus on social and emotional needs of students, this allows for building relationships with a collaborative experience.  This change will allow for smaller class sizes because we added a section to the grade level.  These pods act as small communities within the grade levels.  One teacher focuses on the content areas of math and science while the other teacher focuses on ELA and social studies.  Flexibility is built in to build on community experiences within the pod.

4.  Safety and security are imperative and as a result, recess will now be moved from our parking lot and turf area to a newly renovated space behind the Middle School.  A big thank you to our new Facilities Director, Dave Spittal for his vision in helping to make this happen.  There will be picnic tables and benches for students to sit on as well as a newly paved space for basketball and foursquare.  Students will be able to play kickball, ultimate Frisbee, and/or wiffle ball on the grass area as well.

5.  While our bus schedules have been adjusted to include middle school and high school students, we are focused on creating a safe and positive environment for all.  Bus rides will be shorter and Ms. Mangiere and Mr. O'Connor will be meeting with bus drivers to discuss bus protocol and will collaborate to monitor student behavior on busses throughout the year. 

Please keep in mind that we will be sending out some very important information in the near future regarding our Code of Conduct, Student Handbook, and Technology use form.  Schedules will be posted on August 24th so please take time to relax and enjoy time with your families as we look forward to the opening of school on September 5th.


Travis W. McCarty


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